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What is the usage of Location Geocodes and Geospatial Data

Location information is the key to success of any business – whether you need to know address of an outlet, location of supplier, site of the consumer, cluster of potential customers, identify risk zones, make effective delivery from your supplier to outlet, or do analytics based on customer’s physical locality. Geocodes are paving way to integrate accurate location data with ... Read More »

Project Management Tools: How to Build Stakeholder Matrix

The importance of stakeholders in a project is to support and strategic decisions to drive the project in the right direction. Stakeholders may or may not influence the actual project, but identifying and classifying them is important for a project manager. Identify, who are the project stakeholders Identify all the interested parties in the project. These people may be internal ... Read More »

Project Management Techniques: How to deal with project scope creep

Project scope creep (also known as requirements creep) is on of the sneaky problems that a project manager must learn to deal with. Scope creep happens once the requirements are freezed and approved by the customer and the team starts working on it. The project manager arrives to a catch-22 position, s/he feels hesitant to say NO to the customer ... Read More »

How to Retain Your Talented Employees

Hiring and retaining talented people is indeed a priority for any organization. Those who are able to manage it well are successful organizations – others are struggling. Losing a talented employee costs you very high for two reasons: You need to hire a new person, onboard and give her/ him lead time till she/ he becomes productive Outgoing employee takes ... Read More »

Key Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager

Project manager’s role encompasses initiation, planning, execution, control and successful closure of projects. Project Management is a critical position in organizations belonging to any domain or industry. A project manager is not necessarily a domain or the industry expert, but she/ he has expertise in managing complex projects involving Business Users, Stakeholders, Project Developers, Subject Matter Experts, Organization Management and ... Read More »