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Leadership Styles – Why My Team Doesn’t Perform if I’m offsite

Leadership Woes – Why My Team Lose Don’t Perform if I am not there

Key leadership styles are to – communicate, motivate, coach, push, facilitate and guide their teams to perform. As a great leader – whether you’re running an organization or handling a small team – you have been practicing it. But the biggest woes are that the team lose the momentum when you’re not there physically. Handling team while you’re offsite is ... Read More »

How to Retain Talented Employees Once the High Performer has Resigned

Retain your talented employee - unlock potential in your organization

Organizations are made of talented people, not of bricks and mortars. A high performer employee, who has a proven track record of excellent delivery, is key to your organization’s success. You can’t let them go. After the person has resigned, it is really late to start attempts to retain. But you can’t give-up at this stage either. Here are some of ... Read More »

5 Leadership Lessons I Learnt at a Boot Camp

Leaders work in adaptive situations

Recently, I attended a Boot Camp. It was once in a life-time opportunity. For me, it provided unique opportunity to learn while experiencing and applying leadership concepts – and validate those concepts. Work in adaptive situations There are two kinds of people – those who enjoy certainty in life and those who like new challenges. Ways to handle these situations ... Read More »

Motivational Theory – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow has structured and categorized human being’s motivations at five levels. It starts with basic human needs and gradually progresses towards detaching from worldly affairs. For me this is both – scientific and spiritual! I was really amazed to read this for the first time – though I read it long back but wanted to share with you now.. So, ... Read More »

How to Retain Your Talented Employees

Hiring and retaining talented people is indeed a priority for any organization. Those who are able to manage it well are successful organizations – others are struggling. Losing a talented employee costs you very high for two reasons: You need to hire a new person, onboard and give her/ him lead time till she/ he becomes productive Outgoing employee takes ... Read More »

Follow-up, if you want to get your work done

Authority fails. Requests go in vain. Waiting, hoping, expecting is never ending. If you really want your work to get done, improve follow-up. One of my previous managers taught me delegation and then how to chase people to get your work done.  I’m presenting some excerpts from his teachings. This is not very tricky, but need to take some conscious ... Read More »

Change the Game to Boost Creativity

How to remain creative? What do creative people do differently? Let me try to address these two queries in this post. Creativity is considered a trait of privileged individuals, who are able to produce growth and are high performers. Contrarily, creativity is linked to the perception. Neuroscientists suggest that to perceive things differently, bombard your brain with different things – ... Read More »